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There are few things as frustrating as not getting cell signal when you need it. Throughout the country, even in some of the most populous areas, you’ll find dead zones or areas that just have little to no signal. Even some of the densest cities struggle with either the number of users accessing towers or the buildings and other obstacles obstruct signal. These urban dead zones can be especially frustrating because of the expectation that there should be a signal in town. However often times these urban environments are where signal can be the poorest because of the urban sprawl or the sheer number of users draining resources. A signal booster can patch up these dead zones, and connect you to signal through obstructions such as building materials.
Even the most populous states such as Texas or California have wide expanses of underdeveloped land. Most carriers won’t put up cell towers where there aren’t enough users to make it economically feasible meaning that rural areas can have many miles between towers. This distance can create a strain on already thin networks meaning you’re phone just can’t communicate with a tower miles away. A signal booster can amplify that signal and strengthen it so your device doesn’t struggle to connect to the nearest tower.
So whether you live in the big city or out on a homestead, if you’re not getting proper cell signal coverage a signal booster or amplifier could be able to reconnect you. If you are interested in receiving a professional installation below are some options for some of the most populous areas. We’ll be adding more as time goes on.

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