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An Overview

Cell phone boosters or Bi-Directional Amplifiers are a technology that strengthens radio signals used by cell phones.They do this by utilizing an antenna that receives the initial signal and then rebroadcasts that signal in a more focused manner. After the signal is received by the outdoor or the “donor” antenna it is brought indoors via a low loss coaxial cable.The signal booster than takes the signal and strengthens it and sends the strengthened signal to an indoor antenna where it is broadcasted to devices in the area.

Reasons for Poor Signal

Rural areas typically have cell towers farther apart, meaning worse signal for you. As the signal has to travel farther and farther it loses strength until eventually, the internal radio in your phone will be unable to communicate with the cell tower. Many buildings, especially older ones, use material that interferes with the waves used by your phone or are simply designed in ways that did not account for a cell signal.

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